Curvy Amphora Mug - Black – All The Feels
Curvy Amphora Mug - Black
Curvy Amphora Mug - Black
Kuu Pottery

Curvy Amphora Mug - Black

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The curvy amphora mug brings joy and serenity to your morning rituals. 

The handle sculpted on the wheel and curved by hand.

​Curvy, irregularly shaped items lift the spirits by charging the water element in your space, bringing you calm, sweet serenity. 

Product Details 

  • Locally made clay, sculpted by hand (no mold used).  
  • Balanced & Safe for hot beverages
  • Non-Toxic, Lead Free glaze
  • Approximate Dimensions: 4.5" tall x 5" wide x 3" opening

 * Please note, each piece is completely handmade and unique, all are similar but not identical. The actual item will vary slightly from photos shown including size and color. Please contact us if you would like individual images of the item.