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Paper Incense - Terra
Paper Incense - Terra
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Paper Incense - Terra

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Each Terra Incense Paper pack comes with 18 paper incense strips that burn between 4-6 minutes.

Burn them for your daily rituals, use them as a modern potpourri, or place them in a drawer or closet to freshen your garments. A single strip is often enough to scent multiple rooms or entire apartment. A tiny tear off is enough to scent a room for a long time.

Always burn responsibly, never leave them burning unattended. 

Product Details

  • Scent: Terra with notes of Sandalwood, Smoked Oud & Neroli
  • Number of papers: 18 strips
  • Phthalate & Paraben-Free
  • Ingredients: High quality handtreated cardstock, essential oil & fragrance blend