Soap Saver Loofah
Soap Saver Loofah
Refinement House

Soap Saver Loofah

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This simple yet amazing multi-functional bag is a must-have for your bathroom or your kitchen.  Use this little bag as a holder for your soap ends and/or soap bar so you don't drop the soap.. while also acting as a loofah to help scrub your body.  This loofah soap saver bag will extend the life of soap bars and allow you to use every little bit of those soap ends.  

Made from plant-based fibers.  100% compostable and biodegradable.

How to use:  Simply throw your soap bar and/or soap ends into the loofah bag, wet, and use.

Approx. 3.5" x 5.5"

    Made in Houston, TX by Refinement House.