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Blue Loops Vase
Blue Loops Vase
Corinna Cowles

Blue Loops Vase

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Hand-built by Corinna Cowles and painted with underglazes, incised with white loops.

Product Details 

  • 3" in diameter with 2" opening. 9.5" H.
  • Matte outside. Glazed with clear inside.
  • Care: Items are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. However, they are handmade and should be handled with care. Hand washing is recommended for pieces that have unglazed exteriors. 

 * Please note, each piece is completely handmade and unique, all are similar but not identical. 

About the Artist:

Corinna Cowles is a painter whose practice explores relationships: color and pattern, domestic architecture and the body, text and textile. The work takes shape in a playful space of mutable materials and methods — this allows for a variety of installations concerning painting, drawing, ceramics, and fibers. Her most recent explorations have been focused on ceramics. 

Inspired by clothing and decorative patterns, the work often exists as a pocket, pillow, curtain, wallpaper, or drape, engaging the viewer with absurd dislocations and transformations. Through these transformations, her practice becomes expansive and porous as it relates to life, craft, sculpture, identity, and class.