Bud Vase - Medium – All The Feels
Bud Vase - Medium
Bud Vase - Medium
Bud Vase - Medium

Bud Vase - Medium

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These bud vases add that extra special feeling to any space. The vase is lightly glazed clear inside for a smooth feel, contrasting with the roughness of the unglazed clay on the exterior.

L'Impatience strives to make each piece as identical as possible, but embrace the little subtleties that make each piece unique. The pieces bear the marks of the hands that made them. Please note that sizes and finishes may differ slightly from one another and from the product images shown. 

The vase is dishwasher safe, but to extend the life of the products, hand washing is recommended. 

Product Details:

  • Hand thrown on the potter's wheel
  • Dimensions: H 7" x W 4'' (bottom) x W 3/4'' (opening)
  • Made in United States of America