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Ceramic Incense Cone Burner - Terracotta

Ceramic Incense Cone Burner - Terracotta

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This chimenea inspired incense cone burner is as functional as it is beautiful. Including 20 fragrant incense cones of Palo Santo & Sage, this ceramic incense holder will keep your space burning with ambiance and fragrant tones. Whether you are daydreaming about being back in the Music City or wanting a Western vibe, this chimenea will make the perfect gift set or bookshelf accessory. 

Top Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Bergamot, Clove Bud, Saffron
Middle Notes: Black Leather, Gingerlily, Cedar Leaf, Elemi Resin
Base Notes: Dark Oak, Agarwood, Guaiac, Burlwood, Cade

Product Details

  • Includes: Set of 20 incense cones and chimenea inspired incense holder
  • Color: Terracotta 
  • Dimensions: 3.14" W x 1.77" H