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Houseplant Warrior
Houseplant Warrior
Houseplant Warrior
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Houseplant Warrior

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Learn to grow a green thumb and become the confident plant parent you’ve always wanted to be!

Engineer and plant parent for more than thirty years, Raffaele Di Lallo knows that the world of houseplants can be full of confusing myths and conflicting care advice. But, as a master problem solver, Di Lallo is here to teach you that your own two eyes are your best source for reconciling every plant problem. His surprisingly simple observational practices and an understanding of key habitat and care concepts will make any reader feel like a plant whisperer.

From choosing the right plants for your home and perfecting light and humidity levels to mastering watering, potting, and propagation, Di Lallo demystifies every aspect of plant parenting. He provides handy case studies and advice for troubleshooting common mistakes, such as yellowing leaves and overwatering, that help readers develop their own problem-solving skills. Complete with profiles of favorite and lesser-known houseplants, this book is a veritable bible of houseplant care tips for all levels of green thumb.

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  • Written by Raffaele Di Lallo
  • 208 Pages
  • 7.3 x 9.4 in