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I am Trying to Love You
I am Trying to Love You
I am Trying to Love You
I am Trying to Love You
I am Trying to Love You
Jon-Michael Frank

I am Trying to Love You

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The definitive collection of Em's comics from Instagram.

Work from 2019-2022. 
By Emma Jon-Michael Frank


  • 220 pages
  • 7” x 10", BIG!
  • Published by Floating World Comics
  • ISBN 978-1942801375

In I Am Trying To Love You, the author vulnerably opens themselves up to exploring their bittersweet relationships and self with a rigorous and sloppy honesty. The result is a quirky and raw memoir that is felt by the reader as a kind of really funny and revealing therapy.

“I wrote these comics between 2019-2022, when I was clumsily and painfully navigating the feral whims of my heart, and desperately trying to understand anything about myself at all. I was chaotic, so my relationships were chaotic. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had no real capacity to be honest with myself, and I think I became so jeopardized by that lack of honesty, that I had to unconsciously create a new way to interact with myself with rigorous accountability and candidness, and this book became that.” — From the author’s introduction