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Kiribi Kenshi Lighter - Matte Black
Kiribi Kenshi Lighter - Matte Black

Kiribi Kenshi Lighter - Matte Black

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The Kiribi butane lighter combines smart, retro styling with modern improvements in engineering. Innovations such as a dual-flame design, which provides the benefit of a wider, more gentle light for your pipe, and a single-tank construction of extraordinary fuel capacity.

Meticulously hand assembled in Japan, Kiribi construction is immediately recognizable from the substantial heft of high-quality created by nickel, steel, and brass serving in all the essential parts. The confident snap of the flame-cap is provided by yet another innovation, a spring made of a special polymer more resistant to fatigue even than steel.

Kiribi's Kenshi, meaning "sword wielder," is an angled pipe lighter with double flame for softer, wider pipe lighting in a sophisticated Art Deco style. The Kenshi is a horizontally smaller model than Kiribi's other pipe lighter offerings, for even easier pocket carry and convenience.