Kiss Kiss Jester Vase – All The Feels
Kiss Kiss Jester Vase
Kiss Kiss Jester Vase
Kiss Kiss Jester Vase
Kiss Kiss Jester Vase
Kiss Kiss Jester Vase
Tanya Zal

Kiss Kiss Jester Vase

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The coolest vase?! We think so! Stoneware ceramic vase with three-sided hand-painted underglaze design.

Ceramics are lovingly handmade and one of a kind! Some small "imperfections" may exist but each piece is carefully inspected to guarantee it is structurally sound and able to be used as functionally intended.

Product Details 

  • Approximate dimensions: 7" diameter x 8" H (3" opening)
  • Non-toxic glaze
  • Care: These are handmade and should be handled with care. Hand washing is recommended for pieces that have unglazed exteriors. 

 * Please note, each piece is completely handmade and unique, all are similar but not identical. 

From the Artist:

I’m Tanya (she/her) and I work with my hands. I create nice ceramic things to hold, and am also invested in helping folks feel held. I guess I work with my heart too. It’s all connected anyway. I’m still figuring out how to talk about the spaces I’m exploring, the work I’m doing, and the way it all overlaps.

While originally from upstate New York, I have spent the last decade in Austin, TX. In addition to making ceramics, I also offer compassionate companionship as a full spectrum doula. My work and play are driven by a curiosity about what makes us feel held, and the things that we hold close. Exploring connection and engagement with ourselves and others. My ceramics are a celebratory investigation of the creative process, using color and personal iconography.