Mars Lighter Case - Pink – All The Feels
Mars Lighter Case - Pink
Mars Lighter Case - Pink
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Mars Lighter Case - Pink

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Crafted with love in Los Angeles, this 3D printed case is designed to elevate your style and ignite your creativity. Bring a pop of color and texture to your hands! 

"Hey, where'd you get that lighter?" Said no one ever...until now! This lighter case is here to light your senses on fire 🔥 With its wavy texture, modern look, and groovy layer lines!

Each case holds a standard, plain, regular-sized BIC lighter. Designed to grip your lighter tight! Designed in-house and created in Los Angeles, California. Made from strong PLA material (Polylactic Acid, a bioplastic made from fermented plant starch + sugar).

***These are hand-made items, slight variations in texture and color are possible.