Nail Art Stickers - Wonderland – All The Feels
Nail Art Stickers - Wonderland
Nail Art Stickers - Wonderland
Deco Miami

Nail Art Stickers - Wonderland

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The Wonderland sheet was inspired by everything rainbow and sweet that you'd decorate a gingerbread house with.

Nail art is hard- That's why Deco Beauty simplifies the process with nail art stickers that you can focus on being creative without needing a paintbrush. Accessorize your mani in an instant! No art skills required ;)

    Product Details

    • Thin and flexible, stickers lay flat on your nail
    • Sheets feature a variety of sticker sizes
    • Vegan and Cruelty-Free

    Use Instructions

    • Choose your sticker and remove it with tweezers by bending the sheet to grab the edge.
    • Place the sticker on the nail where desired and gently press it into the nail until all sides adhere.
    • Seal the sticker with a top coat. UV Gel will work just fine too!