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Papier d'Armenie Incense Burner - Taupe
Papier d'Armenie

Papier d'Armenie Incense Burner - Taupe

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A staple in French homes, the Papier d’Armenie is a natural air deodorizer made from the dried sap of the Styrax tree bonded to paper. Tear a strip from the booklet and fold accordion-style and light with a match or tuck single sheets into drawers and books to add a subtle scent. 

The Etoile d'Armenie burner is designed to diffuse the scent slowly through the room using the tray and dome. Clean the tray and dome regularly with soap and water. Recommended to be used with any Papier d'Armenie Paper Incense sold separately. 

  • Size: Length of side: 5.75", Dome diameter: 3.25"
  • Product of France