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Pencil Pencil Holder
Pencil Pencil Holder
Pencil Pencil Holder
Pencil Pencil Holder
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Pencil Pencil Holder

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What better way to store your pencils than in a pencil holder that’s shaped just like a pencil?

The Pencil Pencil Holder looks exactly like the classic yellow pencil you used to draw imaginative worlds and doodles in math class. The only difference is, this pencil holder comes without lead, so you may want to stick to your other drawing tools during those creativity bursts.

Place it on your desk at home or use it to add some much needed color to your office, this wooden pencil holder will keep all your pens and pencils in one place. Besides, you probably have better things to do than to look for scattered pencils every morning. Right?

A cute and fun way to say “thank you” to a friend and something school-supply-aholics of all ages will appreciate, this decorative and practical desk accessory will be an instant hit as a gift for any season (or reason)!

Product Features

  • Wooden pencil holder in the shape of a #2 pencil (no lead included!)
  • Keeps track of your many pens and pencils helping you stay organized
  • Brightly colored and classy, it adds a creative and playful touch to any desk
  • Clever design to spark conversation at the office (without being too meta)
  • Made from: Solid wood
    Measures:3" W x 4" H