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Psychedelic Pre-Roll Cones
Psychedelic Pre-Roll Cones
Psychedelic Pre-Roll Cones
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Psychedelic Pre-Roll Cones

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What do you see in these psychedelic vegan rice papers? An alien landscape? Oil and water? That one time your dad asked you to smuggle a bologna sandwich into a dodgers game, but you dropped it all over the floor and then he had to buy a hot dog that cost $11? And he was really mad about it? But he told you not to tell your mom because his cholesterol was too high and wasn’t supposed to be eating red meat? Maybe that’s just us. Anyway, you don’t need to sign up for MK Ultra to hear colors and taste sounds. You just need these groovy, vegan and all-natural rolling papers that definitely don’t but also sorta do look like bologna slices.

Product Details:

  • 6 cones per pack
  • Organic vegetable based dyes
  • Organic, vegan, sustainably sourced Arabic gum adhesive strip
  • Organic rice paper

Please Note: Due to sanitary and safety reasons, all items are final sale. 
*For legal tobacco and herbal use only.