Sunny Days Rainbow Mug – All The Feels
Sunny Days Rainbow Mug
Sunny Days Rainbow Mug
Sunny Days Rainbow Mug
Sunny Days Rainbow Mug
Sunny Days Rainbow Mug
Gravesco Ceramics

Sunny Days Rainbow Mug

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Sunny warm days with a gorgeous rainbow at the end of a storm is always a joy. The mug that will remind you, every day that you are connected and loved.

Whether you believe rainbows are a symbol of love, connection, that LGBTQIA+ people should have all the rights everyone else has without question, a bridge between worlds, the map to a pot of gold, symbolic of the chakras, or simply a cool interaction between water and sunlight, this mug will brighten your day

The Sunny Days Rainbow Mug is a limited edition style that won't be repeated in exactly the same way. They're a true collaboration between everyone on the Gravesco Pottery team and finished with the charming and unique hand painted rainbows by Abby, the studio co-manager.

Product Details:

  • Approximate measurements: 3.5" diameter x 5" x 4.5" high
  • Holds approximately 16-18 oz
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe, always lead free wheel thrown stoneware
  • Handmade by real humans in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Individually hand painted rainbows will all be totally unique
  • Variations in form, size and finish that are the best trait of handmade pottery

Please note, each piece is completely handmade and unique, all are similar but not identical. The actual item will vary slightly from photos shown including size and color. Please contact us if you would like individual images of the item.