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Terre Bonne - 9 oz. Candle
Terre Bonne - 9 oz. Candle

Terre Bonne - 9 oz. Candle

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South Louisiana is an otherworldly landscape that can feel like both the end of the earth and a fertile wellspring. In the spring and summer, the swamps of our southernmost parishes are lush, verdant, and buzzing with wildlife. Earthy yet sophisticated, Terre Bonne celebrates the seasonal abundance of south Louisiana with notes of Spanish moss, petrichor, bald cypress, and spiderlily. 

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: petrichor, cypress leaf
  • Heart notes: duckweed, clover, aquatic lilies
  • Base notes: oakmoss, papyrus

Product Details

  • 9 ounces / 255 grams
  • approximately 40 hours of burn time
  • coconut wax